Tax bonus for diesel: traffic light coalition is examining the diesel privilege

Average 1.5367 euros car drivers paid at German petrol stations in October 2021 for a liter of dieselas calculated by the consumer portal (part of the AUTO BILD group). That was more money than it had been in nine years. Soon it could be a lot more.
Because the new one Traffic light coalition from the SPD, Greens and FDP wants out Climate protection reasons probably the so-called Diesel privilege abolish the driving of diesel vehicles when refueling around 18 cents tax advantage per liter brings. The coalition agreement literally states: “We want to gain additional budgetary leeway by reducing unnecessary, ineffective and environmentally and climate-damaging subsidies and expenses in the budget.” One wants to implement an EU energy tax guideline, “which provides, among other things, the tax adjustment of diesel fuel and gasoline”.

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The state currently collects per liter Petrol 65.4 cents energy tax, per liter diesel but only 47 cents. If the diesel price rises by 18 cents, a commuter with 50 diesel kilometers per day would pay an additional 230 euros per year, according to BILD (with a consumption of seven liters per 100 kilometers). According to the report, the ADAC has already demanded that he must too Diesel surcharge in the vehicle tax of currently 7.50 euros per 100 cubic centimeters. This is exactly what the new government made up of the SPD, Greens and FDP intends to do, as it says in the same place: “… we will review the tax treatment of diesel vehicles in the vehicle tax”.
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Clever-Tanken founder Steffen Bock: “Consumers are already heavily burdened when they refuel.”

Steffen Bock, founder and managing director of, thinks little of the planned abolition of the diesel privilege: “I find the term ‘privilege’ unsuitable, there is something negative about it. Drivers are already paying for their fuel anyway absurdly high taxes. Better should Electricity cheaper to encourage people to switch to electromobility. “He advocates a general one Revision of the tax system Regarding mobility: “It would be best if I could influence my tax burden through my individual behavior, depending on which route I use which means of transport.”

Petrol station prices in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Usually the price difference between diesel and super is 18 cents, but if there is a high demand for diesel, the gap can be smaller.

the Subsidizing diesel fuel currently costs the state more than eight billion euros annually. The diesel privilege was originally introduced in Germany to improve the position of commercial vehicles from domestic production and commercial truck traffic compared to competition from abroad. It was not until the mid-1980s that the discount was extended to include cars, which later became a real one Diesel boom led. This was justified primarily with the lower consumption and thus the lower CO2 emissions of diesel vehicles.

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However, the already mentioned EU directive now provides for fuels more according to their Energy content and your `s Environmental impact to tax. For a long time, representatives of environmental groups, the SPD, the Greens and the left have been calling for this End of diesel tax breaks as a brake on environmental protection and technological change. Even celebrities Representatives from the auto industry some pleaded for a rethink. For example, the then VW boss Matthias Müller told the “Handelsblatt” in 2017 that the lost tax money “could be more sensibly invested in promoting environmentally friendly drive technologies”.

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