Tax return assistance can also be done by telephone Money

People who need help with the declaration this year had a problem. Normally, that help is arranged with a physical appointment.

A group of 12,000 people is given the opportunity to be helped by telephone. This means that you collect your papers and then get someone on the phone from the tax authorities to enter all the information for you and thus submit your tax return for you.


These are fairly simple cases. According to the Tax and Customs Administration, it is still being investigated whether people with more complex tax returns can also be helped in this way. This concerns, for example, people with deductible items.

Lydia Maria Jesus Silverio (57), originally from Portugal, is very happy that she was able to file the declaration this way. She always has the declaration made by someone else, but has no money for the accountant.


“It was perfect for me,” said Jesus Silverio. “Normally I have to go to the office for this, but now it was very efficient and easy to do it over the phone.”


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