Taycan Cross Turismo almost undisguised: Porsche brings first electric car in station wagon format

As early as 2018 in Geneva, Porsche presented a study known at the time as “Mission E Cross Turismo” – an electric car that was called a Cross Utility Vehicle (CUV), but could also be called a station wagon. As an all-rounder, it should be suitable for people who actively spend their free time outdoors and are on unsurfaced paths. Last week, Porsche showed almost undisguised how the vehicle presented at the time should come into series production – under the new name Taycan Cross Turismo, i.e. as an offshoot of the Taycan electric sports car.

Combi electric car with off-road mode

Stefan Weckbach, head of the Taycan series at Porsche, presented the electric station wagon, which shouldn’t be called that, in a video and spoke of a significantly revised vehicle. You know the nose, but the rear is bigger. According to Weckbach, the roof line, which also got a railing, was completely redeveloped. The modified rear offers passengers more space at the rear, while at the same time a larger trunk is available. The goal pursued by Porsche is to offer a vehicle that is suitable for both urban and rural journeys. Driving in light terrain is also possible and is made possible by increased ground clearance and a specific driving mode that is only available in this vehicle.

The off-road mode is intended to ensure better stability of the vehicle on gravel roads and was described in more detail in previous press releases. According to Porsche, the active roll stabilization prevents side tilt when cornering and also prevents sideways rocking on wavy ground.


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Similar to today’s SUVs based on off-road vehicles, however, a Porsche Taycan with the addition of Cross Turismo should see relatively little mud and terrain. A slight lift and more electronic helpers do not make an off-roader that can really get through everywhere, while dirt roads are usually managed properly even by small cars. In addition, the “cross upgrade” should not be free, so that higher prices than the normal Taycan can be expected. Porsche said nothing about that now, just as little as it did when it started. But a practical Porsche station wagon – at the same time the first electric car in this format for the German market – could appeal to wealthy customers.

Drive like the Porsche Taycan

Porsche also did not provide any technical data on the Cross Turismo in the current publication. However, the electrical components such as motors and batteries should correspond to those in the regular Taycan. Power levels from 408 to 761 hp are available here, with a range of up to 484 kilometers with different battery types. The charging power of the vehicles currently available is very high with up to 270 kW. For the Cross concept car from 2018, two permanently excited synchronous motors with a system output of more than 600 hp and an acceleration of 3.5 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour were named.

It is also not yet known whether innovative technologies such as those presented by Porsche in the 2018 concept vehicle will find their way into series production. In 2018, for example, the Mission E Cross Turismo was equipped with an induction dock for charging without cables. A through-loading facility was integrated into the backrests of the front seats, which allowed pairs of skis to be transported.


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