Tchibo teams up with Swapfiets and offers bike subscriptions

Swapfiets offers bicycles with a monthly subscription.

Swapfiets offers bicycles with a monthly subscription.

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  • Tchibo is cooperating with the Dutch company Swapfiets to offer bicycle subscriptions. This reports the “food newspaper”.
  • Customers can choose from two types of bikes – the original for a fixed monthly price of 16.50 euros and the Deluxe7 for 19.50 euros.
  • Tchibo justifies the cooperation with the company’s sustainability concept and the increasing bicycle demand due to the corona pandemic.

Tchibo products can be found in many shopping centers, city centers, online shops and supermarkets. The Hamburg-based company repeatedly attracts attention with unusual products, from the energy frog to the banana slicer to the kiwi-to-go box.

Now it shows again that the company is very changeable in terms of its range and product variety. As the “Lebensmittelzeitung” reports, Tchibo now also offers bicycle subscriptions in cooperation with the Dutch company Swapfiets.

Tchibo is committed to sustainability

Swapfiets is known for bike subscriptions where the user doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Breakdowns, maintenance and repairs are included in the price and are taken over by the company, according to the concept. Tchibo also seems to have liked this business model. Because the company now also advertises on its website with borrowable ferry rims including repair and personal service. Read Too

We tested a bike subscription for 20 euros – it has a decisive advantage over buying new ones

Customers can choose between two types of bikes. The simple original for a fixed monthly price of 16.50 euros and the Deluxe7 for 19.50 euros per month. In addition, there is a one-time registration fee of 15 euros. Once the order has been completed, the bike can be picked up at a Swapfiets branch. These are currently available in 30 cities in Germany.

But where does Tchibo’s sudden interest in bicycles come from? A spokeswoman for the company answers this question with environmental protection, among other things. Tchibo represents the concept of sustainability, which is very compatible with the business model of Swapfiets, the statement said.

Unusual collaborations are nothing new for Tchibo

Another reason could also be the corona pandemic, which has led to changes in the conditions for people’s mobility. Due to the crisis, many people try to avoid public transport and prefer to switch to bicycles. That means the demand for bicycles is increasing.

“There are many people who are now avoiding public transport or are looking forward to being out in the open again,” said the company’s spokeswoman for the “Lebensmittelzeitung”.

It is also not the first time that Tchibo has added unusual products to its own range. In the past, the company has already sold islands, single-family homes and ultralight aircraft with different partners. With such collaborations, the Hamburg-based company wants to focus on itself and secure the attention of customers.


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