Tears of Avia: The Strategy RPG launches today

Obviously it didn’t work out with the planned release on September 24th, but now today! Publisher PQube Games and developer CooCooSqueaky celebrate the turn-based strategy game today Tears of Avia with the launch trailer. From now on you can hit the launch discount for Xbox One and PCs via Steam for 16.99 euros.

Development of the game began in 2015 with a Kickstarter campaign. A Japanese voice output as well as English and German texts are promised on Steam. The game takes you into the fantastic world of Estera.

Navigate the war between two major city-states, discover the secrets behind ancient, long-abandoned cities and decide where your own morale lies.

Inspired by ancient strategy and the greatest story-based games, you can experience a modern version of this genre in its own unique world. Level your group as you wish and choose between five different classes, hundreds of skills and dozens of playable characters; each with their own personal story. Discover all of this and forge your own path in Tears of Avia.

Through the decisions made, the player can also influence the story and the dynamics within the party. It is also important to fathom a love that was lost centuries ago and to look for the forgotten city of Avalon.

The launch trailer for Tears of Avia

Images: Tears of Avia, PQube Games / CooCooSqueaky


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