Tech giants are working on a global vaccination passport

An ambitious coalition of Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce, among others, is working on a vaccination passport that could be used by all countries. That should improve the exchange.

The so-called Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) is a collaboration of large companies from the health and technology world. The idea is that people can view and prove their own vaccination status if necessary, but also that countries can exchange with each other about the status of their vaccination campaigns.

Currently, each country has its own system for proving that you have been vaccinated, but it is generally not possible to exchange that data with other countries. This can be important in view of boundaries, whether closed or not, or essential journeys.

“Safe travel in complete privacy”

“The goal of this coalition is to give people digital access to their own vaccination data so they can travel, work, go to school and live their lives safely, while ensuring their privacy,” said Paul Meyer, CEO of the nonprofit The Commons Project Foundation in a press release. “The source code will be open to everyone and we are working with the World Health Organization WHO to scale up the project.”

Initiator The Commons Project has already developed a vaccine passport, which is now used by three airlines, and wants to expand that technology with the help of the coalition. The companies are now negotiating with governments worldwide about the implementation of the passport.

Contact tracing

It is not the first time that Big Tech has had to step in for governments to make exchanges possible. Previously, Apple and Google already worked together to enable contact tracing via your smartphone, while governments had been struggling for months to bring corona apps to the market.


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