Techart GTstreet R: New Super 911 knocks us out!

How do you make the best Turbo 911 even better? By developing the GTstreet. Techart has been dedicated to this task for 20 years. With success!

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The tuned Porsche 911 with the legendary suffix have always delivered, optically and technically. Even the first model, the 996 Turbo, drove 13 seconds faster than the basic model on the Nordschleife. And so it continued with the 997, 2009 new Sachsenring record. Then ten years later the 991.2 GTstreet RS, 770 hp with all the bells and whistles, 1:27.69 minutes, currently the fastest tuning car at the Sachsenring!
Techart 911 GTstreet R

Not playful and not boring: yellow accents for driving mode controls and 12 o’clock marking. In addition, much more carbon than in the series.

And now? 992 GTstreet R. 800 hp, 950 Nm, huge wings, self-confident details in abundance. But doesn’t this 911 come too soon? Actually yes, because Techart usually takes a few years to develop a new GTstreet and doesn’t want to leave anything to chance, including extensive development drives.

Porsche 911 Turbo S as basis

But for the 20th GT street anniversary, a new model was also presented. “The performance is almost finished, the chassis still needs fine-tuning, the aero might get a few minor changes,” Techart boss Tobias Beyer tells us before the test drive.
The basis is the 650 hp 911 Turbo S, two larger turbochargers bring an additional 150 hp, including a dual-flow sports exhaust system. Monstrous wings are enthroned at the rear. The upper sheet can be raised and angled. downforce? At 140 km/h four times as much as the production car. At the front an apron with V-shaped shafts, carbon fiber for the hood and widened, ribbed fenders and a tail to kneel down.
Techart 911 GTstreet R

In Sport Plus mode, the top blade of the wing moves up a few centimeters and angles slightly.

The XXL board just mentioned is just as impressive as the specially modeled diffuser-exhaust-air outlet mix. The golden central locking wheels are not just enlarged and painted. No, the Formula VI Race create a 30 millimeter wider track. Michelin Sport Cup 2 are standard, the R-Pneu is optional. The chassis is currently upgraded with coil springs. Later, a special coilover suspension will be used.

Relaxed cruising in the GTstreet R

And how does it feel? Inside there is joy: there are sports seats with perforated leather in checkered flag design, even more carbon and a plaque with numbering.

Ignition! The boxer biturbo awakens, the city of Leonberg should now be awake. Unbelievable, this pounding beat. Let’s go towards Weissach. First in the softer normal mode. And that’s exactly what we love about this GTstreet, this relaxed cruising without getting a headache or having to stop at every bump.

Techart 911 GTstreet R

The golden wheel is perfectly designed – it could pass as a work of art.

The exhaust system also holds back in this program. But we want to feel what awaits us soon in the real test. So in Sport Plus – and off you go. Crazy how the 911 pushes, we buy the 800 hp from him.

The soundscape cannot be put into words. The handling with the wider wheels is a bit more precise than with the standard turbo. Is that supposed to mean something, because the production car is already a driving machine.

The drive on the Porsche test roads really puts you in a good mood and leaves you wanting more. The predecessor already managed 2.5 seconds to 100, I think we will soon see a 2.4 in the display. You can also look forward to the Sachsenring circuit. A time of 26 should theoretically be possible.

Technical data and price: Techart 911 GTstreet R

Engine: B6, biturbo, rear longitudinal
Displacement: 3745cc
Performance: 589 kW (800 hp) at 6900 rpm
Max. Torque: 950 Nm at 5000 rpm
Drive: Four-wheel drive/eight-speed double clutch
L/W/H: 4535/1900/1303mm
curb weight: 1715kg
trunk: 128L
0-100km/h: 2.5s
Top: 350km/h
Consumption: no information
Price: 464,100 euros

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