Techart Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT: test with the 700 hp SUV

A classic case of “a lot helps a lot”. The turbo GT is in itself the sportiest and fastest that the Cayenne model range has to offer. Porsche specialist Techart apparently found the SUV coupe not powerful enough and tuned the chunk to a smooth 700 hp. We drove the device – and were thrilled! (Introduction and all information about the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT.)

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Body parts still under development

Before we jump in, we need to talk a little about tuning. That’s over relatively quickly. The axles are fitted with 22-inch alloy wheels in Formula VI design. On the body side there is a partially painted carbon bonnet and a front lip. Other parts are in development, but that’s it for the moment. Not bad, because the Turbo GT looks a bit sportier, but not overly conspicuous, especially in the chalk gray paintwork. Especially since the main program takes place under the hood anyway. The power of the four-liter biturbo V8 increases from 640 to 700 hp and the torque from 850 to 950 Nm via the additional control unit.

The acceleration leaves you speechless

That turns on, let’s go! The first few kilometers in normal mode, to get used to it. It’s amazing how easy it is to move the Cayenne. Sure, in the city you notice the lush dimensions. But the gentle throttle response makes relaxed cruising just as easy as the surprisingly comfortable, springy air suspension. But you don’t buy a Turbo GT for that. With the town exit in view, we switch to Sport+ – only then is the additional service activated – and wed the accelerator pedal to the carpet. What the Cayenne then deducts is difficult to put into words.
Techart Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT

The carbon bonnet saves a bit of weight, but that shouldn’t really be noticeable given the curb weight of 2.3 tons.

As if the engine and transmission had been bathed in pure caffeine, they react wide awake to the pedal command. The PDK shifts down a few gears, the turbos pump air into the combustion chambers. Then the Cayenne rears up and pushes forward with a high-pitched roar. Techart promises 3.1 instead of 3.3 seconds from 0-100 km/h, 10.7 instead of 12.2 seconds at 200 km/h. We believe that at every word, but the vehemence with which the 2.3-ton truck catapults itself forward is more impressive than the bare figures. The additional power seems to have an effect compared to the series model, especially at higher speeds and when sprinting in higher gears. How the heck can a car that big, that heavy, be that fast?

Steering and chassis are worthy of the GT family

On the chassis and brake side, Techart has left it with the series, which is not a disadvantage in the slightest. The ceramic brakes are a real test for nerves and seat belts when they are fully deployed. The chassis also does a first-class job. It cannot completely conceal the sheer mass of the Cayenne. But it’s really crazy how the active roll stabilization braces against body roll and makes the SUV appear a vehicle class smaller. Not on narrow country roads, because the Cayenne’s concept is simply too wide for them. In combination with the precise and beautifully responsive steering, it still rightly bears the abbreviation of the GT family.
Techart Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT

The standard exhaust system duly underscores the urge to move forward with a decent V8 sound.

Now for the price. After all, both Porsche and Techart want money transferred for their products. At least 200,957 euros must be invested for the basic car. Techart estimates another 25,000 euros in the package for the tuning, painting and assembly then come extra. Is the tuning worth the money? We say: partly. The attachments are chic, but we can do without them. The increase in performance, on the other hand, really convinced us. Sure, rationally you don’t need them, the series turbo GT is more than fast enough. But how crazy the Techart GT pushes is simply fascinating and cannot be explained rationally.

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