Tedious, but possible: nine bike athletes charge Tesla Model X with muscle energy

Perhaps it was time for someone to try, and that would have been the end of it: A Finnish television show has now shown how a Tesla Model X is charged by nine cyclists. No more technical information can be found in a section of the program posted on YouTube, but the nine female and male cycling professionals generated enough electricity for a range of 2 kilometers within 20 minutes. According to the show, it was a record as planned – because nobody had done it before.

Gray Tesla Model X in the studio

The experiment begins with a gray Tesla Model X in the studio, the left wing door of which opens. From him emerges the candidate announced as “inventor genius Janne”, who immediately creates a show mood with a hand-held fog lamp. What he plans to do is pretty pointless, but it’s fun, concrete and exciting, he explains, according to the subtitles of the moderator. 20 minutes should be pedaled on the bicycles available to donate some electricity to the Tesla. They are connected by cables to two large boxes on a table, with a charging station connected to them.

Then the electricity generators, according to the presenter, all professional train and street athletes, come and start pedaling. First of all, the inventor asks, then plug the Type 2 cable, the other end of which is already in the charging socket of the Tesla, into the charging station, and the green display around the socket shows a charging process. First 1.06 kilowatts, then 1.03 kilowatts can be seen on a measuring device, “you produce 1.2 kilowatts”, then calls Janne.

In the YouTube video follows a cut and then the information that after almost half the time, electricity has ended up in the Tesla battery for 1 kilometer. After the full 20 minutes it’s 2 kilometers, applause. If the struggling performance of the nine athletes consistently amounted to 1.2 kilowatts, they would have generated 400 watt hours minus losses during this time, which fits the specified 2 kilometers extra range.

Nevertheless, the experiment rather shows that an electric car cannot be charged well with humanoid home remedies. If you don’t have a team with eight other endurance athletes, you can only count on 130 watts of wheel power, which is probably less than the Tesla charger plus control electronics. The announced solar option seems more promising, at least for the large Tesla Cybertruck. It should be possible to accommodate approximately the same performance on its roof surfaces as nine cyclists trample.


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