Teenager is suspected head of hacking group Lapsus$

According to a Bloomberg report, an English teenager could be the leader of the hacking group Lapsus$.

In the past few weeks, the hacker and extortion group Lapsus$ has terrified numerous IT companies. Among other things, the group had hacked into the company servers of Samsung, Nvidia, Ubisoft and Microsoft and stole confidential data. Lapsus$ then threatened the companies that they would release this data if the demanded ransom was not paid. The group carried out this threat on several occasions.

Is a teenager the head of the hacking group

Security experts now want to know that a teenager living in England is the brains behind Lapsus$.

“Four researchers investigating the Lapsus$ hacking group on behalf of the targeted companies believe the teenager is the mastermind.”

writes the news agency Bloomberg in a recent report. However, the researchers have not yet been able to

“conclusively linking him to every hack alleged by Lapsus$,”

according to Bloomberg.

Journalists speak to the suspect’s mother

Online, the teenager is said to be using the pseudonyms “breachbase” and “White.” According to the research, he is said to live near Oxford University. Bloomberg editors paid a visit to his mother and were able to chat with her briefly over the intercom. However, the mother refused to make her son available for an interview and said she was unaware of the allegations. She pointed out that the present case was a matter for the law enforcement authorities.

Teenagers from Brazil also involved

However, Lapsus$ isn’t just made up of the England-based teenager. There is evidence that a teenager from Brazil and a skilled hacker are also part of the group. Other online pseudonyms used by the hackers online include “Oklaqq” and “WhiteDoxbin,” according to cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs.

“In May 2021, WhiteDoxbin’s Telegram ID was used to create an account with a Telegram-based service for DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks, where he introduced himself as a ‘breachbase’. The news of last year’s EA hack was first posted to the cybercriminal underground by user “Breachbase” on the English-language hacker community RaidForums, which was recently seized by the FBI,”

explains cancer.

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