Tegel Airport is scheduled to close on June 15 – probably forever

Tegel, the capital’s most important airport so far, could be closed on June 15, with the announcement that the closure will initially take two months.

This was decided by the federal government and the states of Berlin and Brandenburg on Wednesday morning. already reported at the end of April that the airport would probably never open again. After Tempelhof Airport, Berlin’s second inner-city airport will soon be history.

Update from May 20, 2020:

In the Corona crisis, the most important airport in the German capital is expected to go offline: Berlin Tegel Airport can go out of service temporarily on June 15. This was decided by the federal government and the states of Berlin and Brandenburg in a shareholders’ meeting on Wednesday, as a spokeswoman for the Berlin Senate Department for Finance said. reported in this article in late April that this was likely to happen.

The relevant application has already been submitted to the aviation authority. If the number of passengers does not recover significantly in the next few weeks, the airport is going to take a two-month break. Paris had closed its Orly airport on 1 April and moved flights to Charles de Gaulle airport in a similar fashion.

The airport company Berlin Brandenburg is struggling with revenue shortfalls in the hundreds of millions due to the crisis. Berlin’s Tegel airport, close to the city center, was the number four German airport after Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf last year, with more than 24 million passengers. Schönefeld on the southeastern city boundary in Brandenburg is smaller, there were a good eleven million passengers.

Recently, only around 2,000 passengers flew per day at Berlin’s Tegel and Schönefeld airports. The main check-in building in Tegel has been closed since mid-March, passengers can only check in at the secondary terminal C. It is similar in Schönefeld.

At the end of the year, Tegel should definitely go online anyway. After several missed appointments, it is planned that the new capital city airport BER will be opened on October 31st and the last plane will take off in Tegel on November 8th. Airport chief Engelbert Lütke Daldrup had recently shown himself skeptical that Tegel could go online again after the temporary closure.

At the end of March, the federal government had still ensured that Tegel would remain open. The infrastructure should remain flexible due to the Corona crisis, it said. The federal government also had concerns because the new government terminal in Schönefeld was not yet operational. A compromise had been hinted at in the past few days.

The decision to close Tegel was not unanimous

According to information from, the owners of the Berlin Airport Company (FBB) gave the green light to close Airport Tegel at the end of April. However, the decision was not unanimous. While Berlin and Brandenburg did not want to stop the corresponding decision by the supervisory board, the federal government originally raised concerns. As announced by, these have now been cleared up within around two weeks.

Accordingly, an application is now to be made to temporarily shut down Tegel from June until air traffic remains restricted by the corona pandemic. However, insiders assume that the last remaining inner-city airport will not be reopened.

Bund previously had concerns

In principle, the federal government also welcomes an adjustment of the infrastructure, but a closure of Tegel requires that both civil aviation and government flight operations can be managed as required. A decision can only be made once the conditions at Schönefeld Airport have been mutually agreed.

Passengers have been handled in the hexagonal terminal building in Tegel since 1975. Operations should not be stopped until six months after the opening of the new BER large airport in Schönefeld. But the collapse of air traffic due to the pandemic is forcing FBB to change its plans. With the Tegel closure, the company claims to save seven million euros per month in operating costs.

So far, the decision had mainly failed due to the federal veto, which does not want to give up an important infrastructure unnecessarily in the current crisis. Now, however, the general meeting gave the green light.

Tegel architect von Gerkan: “I’m a little bit concerned.”

Tegel architect Meinhard von Gerkan to “I’m a little bit concerned, of course. You just love your own children. But for me the day is also a departure – after all, my office is involved in redesigning the property. ”

According to the current plans, the remaining air traffic will be relocated to Schönefeld. A move back is considered unlikely. Rather, parts of the new BER could be used before the opening in late October. Approval by the building authorities has been available since the end of April. This would also accommodate the airlines, such as Lufthansa or Easyjet, which had spoken out against a back and forth from Tegel to Schönefeld and back. They could move directly to their future areas at BER.

From 1948 to the present: That is the story of Tegel Airport


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