Telegram founders: user privacy is sacred

Messenger Telegram, which is also heavily used in Russia and Ukraine, wants to further protect the privacy of its users.

In recent years, many users have switched to the free Messenger Telegram. Telegram founder Pavel Durov, who was born in Russia and lives in Dubai, has now spoken out on Telegram and reiterated that the messenger will continue to protect the privacy of its users. Durov stated that the protection of users is sacred to him. Now more than ever.

UK lost to Russia

This statement also becomes interesting in the context of the history of the Telegram founder. Durov was also the founder of the social network VK, which is still popular in Russia today. In 2010, the Russian government was about to coerce him into handing over personal information about Ukrainian citizens who were demonstrating against the pro-Russian leader in Ukraine. However, Durov did not comply with this demand, as a result he lost control of VK and left Russia. VK has since been controlled and operated by the Russian government.

Nevertheless, the concern is justified

Telegram, also founded in response in 2013, was to be blocked in Russia in 2018, but these attempts were abandoned again in 2020. Since then, Telegram has become the second largest messenger in Russia with 38 million monthly users, right after Whatsapp. Despite its fight against state control, some experts fear for Telegram’s security. For example, because the messenger’s databases are hacked or leaked by employees.

Whereby Telegram itself points out that all content is encrypted on the Telegram servers and the corresponding encryption keys are shared and never kept together with the data they are supposed to protect.

With his Telegram message, Durov wants to rule out concerns about data disclosure to Russian authorities. These arose because Durov had once lived in Russia.

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