Telegram Messenger presents a premium subscription –

Telegram users who will soon be taking out a premium subscription will receive some advantages over free users in the future.

Update from June 20, 2022:

Telegram has now presented its premium subscription in its own blog post. A price for the subscription is not yet mentioned in the article, but according to Techcrunch the price in Spain is probably 5.49 euros. Users from Germany can probably also count on a similar price.

Premium subscribers get a few advantages over users of the free version:

“If you subscribe to Telegram Premium, you’ll unlock double limits, 4GB file uploads, faster downloads, exclusive stickers, reactions, improved chat management and much more.”

Premium subscription should continue to guarantee Telegram independence

In the blog post, the developers write:

“Premium subscribers’ contributions will help improve and expand the app for decades to come, while Telegram remains free and independent, maintaining its values ​​of putting users first, redefining how a technology company should work.”

It is not yet known when the premium subscription will be activated in this country.

News from May 3, 2022 – Telegram: New beta indicates paid premium content:

It seems that the operators of the “Telegram” messaging app are thinking about other financing models. The latest beta version of the app offers exclusive emojis and stickers, which should only be available for a fee, as reported by Android Police.

Telegram operators want to make money

There is no question that the Telegram operators also earn money with their successful app. To this end, some steps have already been taken over the past year to monetize the platform through ad sales and additional features tailored to the largest group channels.


Telegram introduces advertising – what it means for users

Now the developers are probably going a step further and normal users should also be asked to pay for extended functions.

Android Police states that when testing the new beta version 8.7.2, they came across a series of emojis and stickers that are exclusively provided for Telegram Premium users. If you want to use them, you will be asked to register – these stickers and emojis remain blocked for free users. It even goes so far that you can only see the premium stickers and emojis even if you are a premium user yourself. It remains to be seen whether this will also be the case in the final version.

Pricing and content still unclear

The rumors about expanded avatar personalization that have surfaced have been taken for the time being. These features are not found in the new beta and could be a feature of future premium features.

Otherwise, not much is known about “Telegram Premium” itself. How much the service will cost and what other benefits Premium will offer is still unclear.

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