Telegram Web & Desktop: Use Messenger on the PC – this is how it works

You can also use the popular WhatsApp alternative Telegram on your PC with a web and a desktop version. We show you how it works.

The most recent failure of Whatsapp obviously caused many users to search for alternatives to the popular messenger in panic. If you have now installed the Messenger Telegram, the following tip may help you.

Because it is much easier to type on a PC, there are elegant solutions to use Telegram, probably the most popular WhatsApp alternative, not only on a smartphone, but also on a PC / Mac. The Messenger provides you with Telegram Web and Telegram Desktop for this purpose.

Telegram Web: Chat in the browser

The fastest way to use Telegram on the PC or on the iPad / tablet is Telegram Web in the browser. The version offers many chat functions, but you cannot make voice or video calls here. You can send voice messages for this, which again does not work with the desktop version.

  1. Open Telegram Web in the browser of your PC, iPad or tablet.

  2. Enter your mobile number with which you are registered with Telegram on your smartphone.

  3. Click “Enter” or “Next” and confirm that the phone number is correct.

  4. Telegram will send you a login code in the Telegram app on your mobile phone, enter the code in the browser.

  5. Click “Enter” or “Next” again.

  6. Congratulations you are connected.

If you allow desktop notifications, you will receive a push notification for each new message directly on the desktop, which appears at the bottom right of the screen. In the web view, you can send files, pictures and emojis just like on your mobile phone or with the desktop application. To log out, click on “Menu (three lines) – Settings” at the top left, scroll all the way down and click on “Log out”.

From Whatsapp to Telegram with all chats: Here’s how

Telegram Desktop: Use the app on the PC

  1. Download the Telegram desktop app: Telegram for Windows | Telegram for Mac

  2. Open the download file and install the desktop application.

  3. After the installation, start the program and first click on “Next in German” and then on “Start now”. Otherwise on “Start Messaging”.

  4. Now you have to scan the displayed QR code with your smartphone. To do this, open Telegram on your mobile phone, tap on “Menu (three lines) – Settings – Devices – Scan QR code”.

  5. Congratulations you are connected.

Telegram Desktop now shows chats including chat history directly on the PC. You can now also start voice and video calls via the desktop application and also use all the other options that you are familiar with from your smartphone. In addition to text messages, you can also send pictures and emojis, unfortunately voice messages are not possible. Click on the menu at the top left (three stripes), then you can also adjust the look of the program and use the night mode, for example.

Desktop notifications are turned on automatically. Means: You will automatically receive a push message that appears at the bottom right of your screen when you receive a message.

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