Telekom: 386,000 faster Internet connections in June

In June, Deutsche Telekom equipped almost 400,000 households with high-speed Internet access.

Broadband expansion is progressing: According to its own information, Deutsche Telekom connected 386,000 households to the faster Internet in June. According to this, 34.4 million households across Germany could now book a tariff with up to 100 megabits per second or more. A tariff with up to 250 megabits per second or more would also be available for 27.7 million households.

Fiberglass Turbo

The Internet is even faster with a fiber optic connection. 3.9 million households can now book one of these via Telekom, an increase of 122,000 compared to the previous month. Those who book such a fiber optic connection can benefit from speeds of up to one gigabit per second. According to Deutsche Telekom, more than three million households have benefited from the expansion of the network since the beginning of the year.

Two million fiber optic connections in 2022

According to its own information, Telekom would be right on schedule. Two million fiber optic connections are to be created this year. We can stick to this goal despite the difficult economic and political environment. In addition, there is strong competition, since Deutsche Telekom can no longer dispose of the fiber optic networks alone. As a reliable partner, however, they want to make a name for themselves with local authorities and private individuals.

Available at your own location?

However, Telekom points out that the higher speeds are not applied automatically. If you want to use higher bandwidths, you have to book a corresponding tariff. To do this, it must be clarified in advance which speeds are possible at your own location. This can be found out via this test website.

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