Telekom announces Xtra Card: you have to do that

Deutsche Telekom surprisingly announces its Xtra Card. But you want to continue using the prepaid card. You have to do that. Plus: savings tip!


Deutsche Telekom sends you an SMS on your mobile phone with the Xtra prepaid card. It says that Telekom has canceled your Xtra Card by letter or email. But you want to keep using your Xtra Card. You have to do that.


First of all, there is no need to panic. You can continue to use your Xtra SIM card and the associated telephone number without any problems. All you have to do is top up your Xtra account. Because Deutsche Telekom sends its cancellation letters automatically if the Xtra credit is not topped up for a long time.

So you can make the termination obsolete simply by, for example, you

buy a new Xtra prepaid card for 15 euros

and use it to top up your Xtra account. Telekom has put together all the options for topping up an Xtra Card here. By topping up, you automatically extend the term of your Xtra SIM card for a longer period of time.

... and then the letter in the mail.

Sometimes Telekom waits a long time before canceling an Xtra card because it is not being used. In a case known to us (see the letter above), Telekom only gave notice after two years. In this case, too, a top-up of 15 euros was enough to keep the Xtra card alive.

Tip 1:

You can reactivate a fixed-term contract or a prepaid card within 112 days of canceling it. You can do this by phone or chat. You can read more about this on this telecom page.

Tip 2:

You can only buy a charging code for just 5 euros in the Telekom shop. We got this hint from a reader.


You do not prevent a cancellation by the fact that there is still some credit left on the Xtra account. Telekom also terminates Xtra cards with remaining credit if they are not used. You can have the remaining balance transferred to you, so the money is not lost. However, if you have the remaining balance paid out, the card is dead and can no longer be used.

You do not have to return a canceled Xtra card to Deutsche Telekom.

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