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The adjustment of the Magenta-Mobil tariffs should actually only take place on July 1st. However, some customers have already been converted.

Deutsche Telekom had to discontinue its zero-tariff options called “StreamOn” and then announced new tariffs. Existing customers will also benefit from the new tariffs – around 3 million customers with 5G cell phone tariffs will receive the increased data volume automatically and at no extra charge from July 1st. We already reported about this:

However, it seems that some customers have already been converted in advance. For example, users of the MagentaMobil L tariff with the MagentaEins advantage could be worth taking a look at the settings, because they may have already switched to unlimited data volume. On Twitter, some users reported their astonishment at this fact:

Prepaid tariffs have also already been adjusted

The “Magenta Mobil Prepaid” Telekom tariffs, for example, were previously adjusted and will apply from May 17, 2022. The prices remain mostly unchanged compared to the previous tariffs, but the data volume increases in the three tariffs M, L and XL. Tariff S even includes a monthly data volume for the first time – but the price has increased here. Read more about this here:

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