Telekom: Disney+, Netflix and RTL+ in one tariff – that’s how much you save

The new Telekom tariff MagentaTV “MegaStream” includes Disney+, Netflix and RTL+. This is how much you save compared to the individual subscriptions.

Deutsche Telekom will be offering the new MagentaTV “MegaStream” tariff from October 5, 2022. The new tariff gives customers access to Disney+, Netflix and RTL+ content. Telekom charges 26 euros per month for this.

MagentaTV tariff selection

For comparison:

Disney + alone costs 8.99 euros per month. Netflix costs between 7.99 euros and 17.99 euros. But only with Netflix Premium for 17.99 euros can you stream on up to four devices in parallel, with Netflix Standard for 12.99 euros per month streaming on two devices is possible at the same time. RTL+ (Premium), on the other hand, costs EUR 4.99 per month. So if you subscribed to Disney +, Netflix Standard and RTL + Premium separately, you would pay 26.97 euros. The savings effect with “MegaStream” is exciting because Telekom does not calculate the full price of 26 euros immediately.

That’s how much you save

The full monthly price of 26 euros is only due after some time, because this scale applies to new MagentaTV customers and customers with Internet and landline: MegaStream is free for months 1 to 6, and 21 euros per month for months 7 to 12 on. From the 13th month, Telekom bills the full price of 26 euros per month.

So if you take 26.97 euros as a benchmark, you save 161.82 euros in the first six months. And in the next six months still 35.82 euros. So you save a total of 197.64 euros in the first twelve months and just under one euro per month from the 13th month.

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According to Telekom, the offer also includes over 100 TV channels in HD, access to the MagentaTV media library, 50 hours of cloud storage and functions such as restart function, replay and timeshift. You can use the MagentaTV “MegaStream” tariff on a total of five devices, including up to three devices at the same time.

Telekom is silent about this

However, Telekom is hiding important information, such as the resolution: 4K will probably not be included in the offer. So you can’t compare the new streaming offer with Netflix Premium. Telekom is also silent on the minimum contract period. But you can certainly count on 24 months in view of the price scale.

MagentaTV can also be booked without a Telekom broadband connection.

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MagentaTV tariff selection

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