Telekom expands 5G and 4G capacities

Telekom has expanded capacities for 5G and 4G in recent weeks. 834 5G locations alone were added.

The number of 5G capacities at Telekom has grown by 834 cell sites in the past six weeks, as the company announced on Wednesday. In addition, additional 4G capacities were created at 517 locations and 175 new LTE locations were built.

According to Telekom, household coverage with LTE is now 99 percent. Telekom’s 5G network is available for over 90 percent of households. In August 2021, Telekom had given 5G coverage as 85 percent.

5G new standard at Telekom

“We’re pushing the pace with mobile communications expansion. (…) There are currently more than 32,000 locations in the Telekom network. In addition, we put more than 1,500 new locations into operation every year,” explains Walter Goldenits, Managing Director of Technology at Telekom. In addition, there would be LTE and 5G expansions at thousands of existing locations. With the expansion activities, 5G will become the new standard in Telekom’s mobile network.

Consumers can use the Telekom mobile network expansion website to find out whether 5G is already available at their location. Matching Telekom mobile phone tariffs can be found here at Telekom. You can find an overview of the best and cheapest mobile phone tariffs here in our tariff calculator.

Our tip:

This Federal Network Agency website gives you a provider-independent overview of the locations at which 5G is already available in Germany.

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