Telekom is starting today’s preliminary coverage of the soccer World Cup in Qatar

Deutsche Telekom is starting its preliminary reporting on the soccer World Cup in Qatar today. Telekom also shows all German World Cup games from 1974, 1990 and 2014 and many World Cup finals. All German World Cup victories have new soundtracks.

On November 19, 2022, Deutsche Telekom will start its preliminary coverage of the controversial soccer World Cup in Qatar on MagentaTV. Telekom will then be offering selected World Cup-related content on the new “FUSSBALL.TV 1” channel (channel 22 with standard allocation). You can see historical finals as well as a documentary about the host country followed by a talk.

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Criticism of host country

The documentation in particular should be exciting, because Qatar as the host country is extremely controversial. According to Amnesty International, 15,000 people have already died for the World Cup. You can read more about this in the Football World Cup 2022: Telekom shows all games live – despite great criticism.

The dubious methods with which foreign guest workers were treated in Qatar during the construction of the World Cup facilities probably first became known with the legendary and extremely questionable statement by Franz Beckenbauer:

In addition to human rights violations in Qatar, the documentary “No Rainbow in the Desert – The Football World Cup in Qatar” is also intended to deal with how FIFA and the German Football Association deal with the criticism. The documentary also deals with freedom of the press and freedom of speech and with topics such as male guardianship, women’s rights, homosexuality and the LGBTIQ scene in Qatar. The documentation will be followed by a discussion.

Many classic games and all German World Cup victories re-set to music

In addition to these important political aspects, the actual sport should not be neglected. From September 19, Telekom will be showing 28 historic games and all German World Cup games from 1974, 1990 and 2014 on the new channel. 2002 in Japan, 2006 in Germany, 2010 in South Africa and 2018 in Russia. All of Germany’s World Cup victories and selected World Cup finals will be offered in full length and with new soundtracks, as Telekom emphasizes.

Telekom shows all matches of the World Cup in Qatar

Telekom will show the actual soccer World Cup in its entirety on MagentaTV and in UHD. So all 64 games and 16 of them exclusive – including two round of 16 games, a quarter-finals and the game for third place. Telekom promises up to 14 hours of daily programming including background reports, interviews and a live link to Qatar.

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