Telekom sells Smart Speaker Mini

Telekom is now selling the Smart Speaker Mini for just 20 euros. But you don’t buy it because of the Magenta voice assistant.

I must have noticed that at some point. But it was not very clear to me that Telekom was selling smart speakers under the imaginative name of “Smart Speaker”. There is a larger and significantly more expensive model, one for the smaller budget. Most recently, the Smart Speaker was officially available for 150 euros and the Smart Speaker Mini for 50 euros.

Now the pink giant is pushing prices down a lot. This means that the larger smart speaker is only available for 100 euros, the smart speaker mini for 20 euros. The option to rent the parts has been removed.

Cheaper than the cheapest Echo Dot

And I have to say: Especially the Smart Speaker Mini becomes a real snapper thanks to the discount! In addition to the in-house Magenta voice assistant, Amazon Alexa is also on board (which you probably want to use more, you go after the test of the colleagues from connect). On the other hand, there is the cheapest Echo Dot refurbished from the 3rd generation, which is listed on Amazon for 35 euros.

Visually, the Telekom Smart Speaker Mini is reminiscent of the earliest generations of the Amazon Echo Dot with its glossy plastic finish (there is a black and a white version). Looking at it from above, you can see plus, minus, mute buttons and a button that can probably be used to start the assistant if you want to do without the hotword.

Smart upgrade for the stupid facility

The Telekom Smart Speaker Mini receives power via micro-USB, listens in all directions with four microphones and connects to the home WiFi at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. It can also be connected to a loudspeaker via a 3.5 millimeter jack. That should be the most sensible use case to make a system cheap and smart and to be able to easily stream music from Spotify or Amazon Music there.



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