Telekom service Easy Support is activated on Fritzbox

If you have a Telekom Internet router, the Easy Support service is always activated: With its help, the router automatically sets up Internet and telephone connections and receives firmware updates. In the event of a problem, a Telekom support employee can also adjust the settings on the router.

That makes Easy Support. What many Fritzbox users do not know: Easy support can also be activated on their router – namely if you have set up Telekom Internet access in the Fritzbox automatically using the wizard.

If you select the entry “Telekom” from the drop-down list for “Internet provider”, the corresponding option is already activated: “RECOMMENDED: Automatic setup of Internet access, telephony and other EasySupport services …”. The Fritzbox then fetches the corresponding access data from the Telekom server, you do not have to enter them manually. Whether the Fritzbox supports Easy Support depends on the model and the Fritz OS version (see table on the right). This service gives Telekom certain information about your Fritzbox, such as the model, MAC address and installed firmware version. If you do not want to use Easy-Support, you must set up Internet access by manually entering your access data.

The Easy-Support remote support service can be switched off in the Telekom customer center. This may provide more security.


The Easy-Support remote support service can be switched off in the Telekom customer center. This may provide more security.

That makes Easy-Support remote support. Another Telekom service can also be active on your premises without you knowing about it: Easy-Support remote support allows a Telekom employee to access your router as part of a support request. If you call Telekom support because of a connection problem with your VDSL connection, for example, he can check during the call whether the settings on the router are the cause and change them if necessary.

According to Telekom, the employee must obtain your verbal consent before accessing the router. You will also receive an email informing you that Telekom has carried out remote access to the router as part of the support.

These Fritzbox models support Easy-Support


From Fritz-OS







7530 AX


6850 LTE


However, from this point on, remote support is permanently set up – Telekom does not switch it off after the problem has been resolved. Therefore, the service now appears as a position in your Internet contract, which you can look up in the Telekom customer center. The Easy Support remote support service can also be switched off online there: To do this, click on your landline tariff and on “My tariff options”. The entry “EasySupport remote support” should now appear there. By clicking on the blue link “Actions” and “Cancel”, you switch off the service for your Internet connection.


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