Telekom users have to update their Fritzbox today – there is a risk of telephony failure

Telekom customers should urgently update their Fritzbox. Otherwise there will be problems from March 15th!

Last Friday, Telekom informed all of its customers about an important change in the Telekom network, which will be active from March 15th. Due to the update in the Telekom network, unrestricted use of the Fritzbox is only possible from March 15 if the firmware version 7.29 is on it.

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Telekom expressly warns:

“If your FRITZ!Box is equipped with version 7.25, you will no longer be able to make calls from March 15, 2022. Your internet access will continue to be available.”

The popular Fritzbox 7590 received FritzOS 7.29 in November 2021 (we reported). In this article you will find out which Fritzbox models are also available for FritzOS 7.29 (or higher): The latest updates for Fritzbox

The reason why FritzOS 7.29 must be installed

According to Telekom, the Fritzbox manufacturer AVM used version 7.25 of the TLS interface for encrypted communication. However, the media stream RTP is transmitted unencrypted and this is not permissible according to the security standards. FritzOS versions before 7.25 are not affected, but Telekom recommends only using the router with the current firmware and that is version 7.29.

How to update your Fritzbox

You can call up the Fritzbox interface by entering in the browser. You can find more information on this in our guide: Fritzbox login – call up the router menu.

Update the Fritz-OS of your Fritzbox – that’s how it works

The start page of the interface shows which FritzOS version is installed. See also the screenshot below: shows the installed FritzOS version

Enlarge shows the installed FritzOS version

If FritzOS 7.25 is specified here, click on “Check for updates”. The Fritzbox should then prompt you to install a more recent firmware version. If you have activated the auto update function, you should automatically have the current FritzOS version for your Fritzbox.

Alternatively, you can switch directly to “System” and “Update” in the FritzOS interface and then use the “Search for new Fritz!OS” button to start the update process. You can find out how to manually update your Fritzbox using a firmware update file in this support article from AVM.

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