Telenet launches ‘One Number’: calling with a smartwatch, without a smartphone nearby

Telecom operator Telenet launches “One Number”, a new application where customers can link a mobile number to a smartwatch. That way, they can receive calls and messages or stream music, even without a smartphone nearby.

Before you rush to your smartwatch, look for an entrance for a SIM card: there is none. Later this year, Apple and Samsung will launch new smartwatches that are equipped for the first time with a so-called eSIM card, the successor to the classic SIM card. In this way devices can independently connect to the mobile network.

The advantage of eSIM technology is that the physical SIM card disappears and makes room for internal technology. “It makes the experience of smart devices even easier: no more looking for a paperclip to get that SIM card in and out of your device. Connecting a device to our mobile network is as simple as installing an app on your smartphone, ”explains marketing manager Dieter Nieuwdorp.

Stream music

Most smartwatches now still work via a Bluetooth connection with the smartphone, so the two have to stay close to each other. With eSIM, users can now leave their smartphone at home and still remain accessible. This can be useful during sports, because streaming music or looking up locations also remains possible.

Telenet will offer the technology as standard in the WIGO, YUGO and KLIK subscriptions from next Friday. Each mobile number in the bundle can be linked to one eSIM. A few devices are already equipped with the technology: the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which will be released soon.


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