Telephone scammers loot a six-figure sum: description of the perpetrator

Unscrupulous cyber gangsters have struck again and stole a nearly six-figure sum from their victim. The police released this description of the perpetrator.

The spate of shock phone calls from unscrupulous scammers to pressure senior citizens into handing over cash and valuables of significant value continues unabated. The police headquarters in Central Franconia is now reporting a particularly serious case: on Wednesday, July 6th, 2022, around noon, a senior citizen handed over valuables in the almost six-figure range to the fraudsters in the Schneefernerring in the Langwasser district of Nuremberg.

The grandchild trick again

The lady fell for the “grandchild trick”. In short: A man calls and pretends to be a police officer. He claims that the granddaughter caused a serious accident and therefore has to go to prison. The girl can only be spared jail if the person called immediately pays bail for the granddaughter. By skillfully conducting the conversation, the caller prevents the person called from asking the granddaughter or other relatives or acquaintances and puts the person under so much pressure that they finally hand over cash, jewellery, coins or the like. We present this nasty grandchild trick in detail in this report: PC-WELT talks to grandchild trick victims and explains how to protect your loved ones.

perpetrator description

In the current case from Nuremberg, the fraudsters actually stole cash and valuables with a total value of almost six figures from the elderly woman. The man to whom the woman handed her valuables is described as: “Approximately 30 years old, 165 cm tall, fat, short hair, 3-day beard; wearing black sweatpants, sky-blue T-shirt and brown leather shoes.”

The police are asking witnesses who observed suspicious people or vehicles in the area of ​​the Schneefernerring between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday to call 0911 2112 – 3333.

The police advise: How to protect yourself

  • Talk to loved ones about the dangers of fraudulent phone calls.

  • If you don’t want your phone number to appear in public directories (such as the phone book), then have the number deleted there.

  • Don’t let yourself be pressured on the phone. Just hang up.

  • Do not give out any details about your financial circumstances over the phone. The police will never ask you for money or ask about your financial circumstances.

  • Never give money or jewelry to unknown people. The police will never call for cash or valuables.

  • Report suspicious calls to the police immediately. Don’t be afraid to call the police emergency number 110 if you suspect anything.

  • If the caller asks you to dial 911 to verify the caller’s identity, hang up, hang up, and then call the police yourself.

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