Temporarily unemployed due to corona: no less holiday pay and unemployment benefits

Those who are temporarily unemployed do not pay any contributions towards their holiday allowance for the following year. However, the period of temporary unemployment can be “equated”, that is, it appears that the employee was simply working and paying contributions.

This equation was already in place for the period from February 1 to June 30 and is now being extended until the end of the year. In order to avoid employers having to pay in full for the holiday pay, it has been agreed that the government will pay a large part.

The “normal” unemployment benefits will also remain stable until the end of the year. Under normal circumstances, an unemployed person will receive a lower unemployment benefit after a while, this is not the case now. Danny Van Assche of the employers’ organization Unizo: “At the moment, that unemployment is on the rise and that it is more difficult to find work anyway, that would not be fair to those people.”

Formally, this only concerns advice that the social partners have agreed in the National Labor Council. But employers and unions are asking that the government consider the accord “one and indivisible” and implement it as soon as possible.


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