Temptation couple Karim and Roshina split up due to infidelity

The monkey finally comes out of the sleeve now that Karim cleans his house on social media. He lets his followers know exactly how the fork is in the stem, despite the fact that it does not look very bright for him. “The relationship between Roshina and me was not a healthy relationship,” he writes. “I cheated on Curaçao two months after Tempa.” There Karim kissed someone.

“Besides that, I lied about this for a year and during that year called Roshina a fool.” You may already feel it coming: Roshina has found out the truth. “I have been in denial for so long because I was afraid of losing her.”

The relationship has a negative influence on Roshina, says Karim. She struggles with feelings of depression and aggression problems. “I would like to apologize again to Roshina and her family,” he continues. “This is very painful for both of us.”

After their participation in Temptation Island everything still seemed to be a piece of cake between the ex-lovers. Roshina told in Temptation Gossip even that she has stopped taking the pill.


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