‘Temptation’ temptress Yana accused of theft in ‘Justice For All’

Temptation Islandtemptress Yana Daems will now also make her appearance in Justice For All. The blonde is accused of shoplifting and risked a prison sentence.

Yana Daems was seen as a seductress in 2018 Temptation Island. But later that same year, the lawsuit also took place about a theft from several years earlier. In that case, Yana was defended by lawyer Omar Souidi, who at the time was being followed for the FOUR series Justice For All and that’s how we get to see Yana there too.

Yana Daems

In 2018, Yana Daems was one of the most notable seducers in Temptation Island, but now we get to see a different side of her in the FOUR series Justice For All.

Yana Daems was prosecuted in the fall of 2018 for stealing a handbag. The incident happened in 2016 after a drunken night out. The blonde risked a prison sentence, but hoped to get out of it with the help of lawyer Omar Souidi.


On September 29, 2016, Yana went out with a friend in Ostend. The duo had already lost a lot of wine when they arrived at a cafe in the coastal city. There Yana came face to face with an acquaintance.

When Yana and her friend left for home, she took a handbag that was on the floor. According to her statement, she thought it was her friend’s handbag. But once outside, they realized it was the purse of knowledge, with which Yana doesn’t have a very good relationship. In the past she created a profile of Yana on a website for prostitutes. In revenge, she therefore threw the contents of the handbag on the floor and threw it away. All of this was also filmed by the security cameras.

In Justice For All so we will see how lawyer Omar Souidi handles this separate case. Because in the end Yana gets off with a community sentence of 50 hours and her criminal record remains clean.

Justice For All can be seen every Thursday on FOUR at 8:35 PM.


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