Ten and a half years imprisonment for IS Germany boss Abu Walaa

In the course of the process, the court dealt with a number of other Islamists who are said to have been radicalized by the Dortmund resident and a co-accused man from Duisburg in the back room of his travel agency. The man from Duisburg was sentenced to six and a half years in prison. Two of the recruits are said to have committed suicide bombings in Iraq with numerous fatalities.

The activities of the group around Abu Walaa did not go unnoticed by the security authorities. “Murat” was a regular in Dortmund, an undercover agent from the State Criminal Police Office in North Rhine-Westphalia, who also followed Amri’s heels. The German federal prosecutor’s office also relied on information from this undercover agent, who, however, was not given permission to testify in the process. Your key witness was a young man from Gelsenkirchen, who got into Islamist circles as a youth, but then turned away from IS and worked with the authorities.

However, the defense questioned the credibility of this key witness. She accused the undercover agent of inciting attacks herself. The defense found the prosecution’s allegations largely undetectable.


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