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Ten environmentally friendly products for everyday life without plastic


Let’s be honest: it’s no surprise that we’re so dependent on plastic. After all, it is a durable, changeable, robust and, above all, inexpensive material. So it’s no wonder that almost all objects we come across in everyday life are made of it: garbage bags, money cards, headphones, toothbrushes and, and, and …

Unfortunately, plastic also has a significant disadvantage: it pollutes the environment because it is difficult to break down. Scientists therefore speculate that by 2050 more plastic waste will swim in the world’s oceans than fish. And even now the mountains of rubbish are growing faster than we can dismantle them again.

Instead of plastic: 10 environmentally friendly products for everyday life

The prognosis is not very positive: The question is no longer whether we are harming the environment, but how much. So if you want to help save our planet from this incredible burden, you should ban plastic from your everyday life as much as possible.

The good news is that it’s not that difficult at all. Because there are numerous alternatives for everyday plastic products that are made from more environmentally friendly or recycled materials. Since sustainability is no longer just hip, but also a necessity, in many cases you don’t even have to dig deeper into your pockets.

How easy can it be to do without plastic? We introduce you to ten environmentally friendly products for everyday life with which you can take the first step towards a more sustainable life.

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