Ten minutes of shopping at Action is possible from 3 March

Earlier, the cabinet announced that shops may reopen from 3 March, but there are ifs and buts. For example – regardless of the size of the store – only two customers per floor are allowed in and they can only stay for ten minutes. So there is room for about 96 customers per day.

Some stores said it would not be profitable to open. This is how IKEA keeps the doors closed. So Action will open. There will be a digital booking system on the site.

Time lock

There, people can choose a time slot to make an appointment from Tuesday 2 March at 10 a.m. Customers must schedule an appointment within two days, so if they log in on a Tuesday, they can make an appointment for Wednesday or Thursday. New time slots are added every day at midnight.

Booking two time slots in a row is not allowed. When the time is running out, this will be announced in the store.

Click & Collect

The discounter has been offering Click & Collect for some time. Customers can choose from a limited range of products online. They can then pick them up by appointment at the desk.

A minimum spending amount of 15 euros applies for this and one euro in service costs must be paid, because staff in the store shop for you. It is not clear whether minimum amounts will also apply to shop visitors in the future.

Most missed

Of all stores, we miss the Action the most, according to a poll by research firm Q&A. Other stores missed by many consumers are HEMA (5.1 percent) and IKEA (1.6 percent).


Action said earlier in the Netherlands that it received many questions from customers about practical items, such as broken lights. “They now have to get them from a hardware store for a much higher amount,” says Action.

After announcing the second lockdown, Action first wanted to keep its doors open for the sale of essential goods, as was also allowed in Belgium. The cabinet tightened up the rules, after which this was no longer possible.

The forced store closure is causing bulging warehouses at the discounter. It is unclear how much money the closure will cost the retail chain.


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