Tenchu: Acquire President on a possible revival of the series

The current issue of Famitsu offers a short interview with Takuma Endo, president of developer Acquire. It is also about a potential revival of the popular Tenchu ​​series. As early as August it became known that Aquire had (again) secured a trademark for “Stealth Assassins”. TenchuFans of course immediately pricked up their ears, because it is the subtitle of the first game in the series in the West. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins was released worldwide for PlayStation in the course of 1998 and found many fans.

But Takuma Endo has to dampen the hopes of the fans a little. As he reveals to Famitsu, this trademark was registered solely because it had expired. But not only the fans, also Takuma Endo himself shows interest in a revival of the Tenchu ​​series. It is going to be difficult, says Endo in Famitsu. But should the opportunity arise, Endo would like to develop a completely new Tenchu ​​for PlayStation 5. The “Stealth Assassins” trade mark could provide the basis for this, says Endo.

FromSoftware also plays a Tenchu ​​role

Because “Tenchu” would probably not be called the new Tenchu. The rights to the IP are currently held by FromSoftware, without the Dark Souls developers, a relaunch of the brand would not be possible. But maybe FromSoftware also plays along? FromSoftware was also involved as a developer of the Tenchu ​​series and appeared as a publisher in Japan for the last part of the series Tenchu: Shadow Assassins.

Quite a few fans felt reminded of the old Tenchu ​​series by Sekiro. Not without reason, because, according to reports, FromSoftware actually considered that Sekiro could actually become a new Tenchu. But then they decided to put their very own sticker on the new game.

Fans want a new Tenchu, Acquire wants to develop a new Tenchu ​​and FromSoftware has even developed a game that would have become almost like Tenchu. What else has to happen?

via Gematsu, images: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Activision, FromSoftware


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