Tengelmann: CIA was interested in Karl-Erivan Haub’s disappearance

Karl-Yerevan W. Haub.

Karl-Yerevan W. Haub.


What internal investigators at Tengelmann want to have found out about the disappearance of the company’s boss Karl-Erivan Haub (KEH) over the past three years is causing increasing unrest in the retail group. In their confidential reports, they come to the conclusion that Haub’s disappearance was very probably not a ski accident in the Swiss Alps. Although the detectives do not know what actually happened on April 7, 2018 at the Klein Matterhorn – traces lead to the Russian secret service.

According to’s research, US security agencies were also interested in the Haub mystery. As can be seen from company documents, Tengelmann is said to have asked the American Consulate General in Frankfurt am Main early on for help in finding the billionaire. The company suggested the use of American drones, it is said.

At an appointment in Bern, representatives of the FBI and the US secret service CIA, among others, had refused such an operation. When asked, a spokesman for the US embassy in Berlin neither wanted to confirm nor deny this: “No comment.”

According to Tengelmann files, however, shortly after the conversation in Bern, a team of US investigators turned up in Zermatt to speak to the police and the rescue chief on site. The US embassy did not want to comment on this either.

The Haub case is likely to interest Americans in many ways. On the one hand, the former Tengelmann boss, who has not been declared dead to this day, has both a German, an American and a Russian passport. On the other hand, there are many indications that have been collected so far, giving rise to arousing the agents’ interest.

KEH, whose father Erivan had excellent relations with America, is said to have had a relationship with a Russian businesswoman for almost two decades who, according to Tengelmann’s investigations, belonged to the Russian secret service FSB. They both met on Haub’s mother’s 60th birthday in St. Petersburg. The investigators suspect that this is not a coincidence. Her alleged interests in extreme sports and nature therefore seemed tailored to Haub’s profile. Excerpts from the billionaire’s telephone connections show that Haub and Veronika E. spoke longer the day before they disappeared. Then, so it reads in the investigation reports, the woman went into hiding with her mother. In later attempts to track them down in Russia, the private investigators would have received threats.

Not the only note in the documents that leads to Russia: The day after Haub’s disappearance, Tengelmann security registered a suspicious couple in Switzerland who are said to have observed the rescue measures. Sources later found out that these were supposed to have been FSB agents. When asked, the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) did not want to comment on the case.

In fact, KEH had suffered from persecution fears for many years. The ransom letters he received added to this. So he had his closest employees and relatives monitored. The new vehicles that he was supposed to use had to be proven beforehand in a practical test that they were bulletproof. Explosive: A few months before his disappearance, KEH commissioned an internal investigation. He had received a notice that he was being bugged, said the billionaire at the time. However, technical measures could not confirm this suspicion.


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