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Tennis: the best accessory for tennis players

  • Tennis is a wonderful sport and can be played both indoors and outdoors.
  • Even if there will still be many distance rules, you never need to get too close in tennis.
  • We present nine parts that will make you a winner before the match.

Summer or winter – playing tennis is always possible! You don’t need a large group, you can just play one on one. It is a great sport, especially for ambitious players, since there will only be one winner or loser after each game.

So that you are well prepared for your next match, we have selected nine products that give you the look of a tennis ace. Because tennis is not only played on the court, but also in the head.

Tennis balls

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Dunlop Fort Tournament – 12.99 euros at Amazon *

Tennis racket

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Head Titanium Ti S6 – from 65.70 euros at Amazon *

Tennis bag

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Babolat Pure Drive – 59.00 euros at Amazon *

Tennis socks

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Danish Endurance Retro Tennis Socks – 13.95 euros at Amazon *


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Nike Swoosh Headband – 7.99 euros at Amazon *


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Adidas Tennis Wristbands – 7.95 euros at Amazon *

Women’s tennis shoes

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Head Brazer Women Tennis Performance – from 43.20 euros at Amazon *

Men’s tennis shoes

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Head Men’s Revolt Pro 3.0 Men Tennis Shoe – from € 75.81 at Amazon *

Water bottle

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720 ° degree drinking bottle – 19.97 euros at Amazon *


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