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‘Tens of thousands of bookings for haircuts and pedicures’

Maybe you already have a hairdresser’s appointment, or you will be back in the chair with your old trusted pedicure on 3 March. You are not alone: ​​the bookings are pouring in.

In recent days, tens of thousands of reservations have been made, mainly for haircuts, reports the reservation platform Treatwell. Pedicures and eyebrow treatments are also popular since it became clear yesterday that other contact professions may also open their doors again. And other treatments are being booked again, much to the relief of people.

Peak bookings

The platform noticed a first peak in the number of reservations last Monday, after reports on Sunday that the hairdressers may open their doors on March 2. Shortly before the press conference a day later, it became clear that other contact professions may also open, which led to a second peak. During the press conference, when the easing became final, noted Treatwell that the number of bookings shot up again.

Because people are happy that their corona coupe will soon be a thing of the past. Although others let it grow for a while.

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According to the platform, it concerned “tens of thousands of treatments” that were booked in recent days, which is more than a third higher than after the first lockdown. Men in particular were quick to make an appointment for a haircut. Women also often involve dyeing their hair. More than half of the bee Treatwell Affiliated hairdressers are already fully booked in the week of the reopening.

Some of the early bookings have to be moved again. The hairdressing salons were not allowed to open on March 2, as was initially thought, but only on March 3.

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Lots of appointments

Hairdressing chain Hizi Hair recognizes the sketched image. The chain with 66 salons throughout the Netherlands has also left its reservation option on the site during the lockdown. Nevertheless, it suddenly went fast in recent days and from Sunday afternoon more than 23,000 appointments were made. During the press conference Tuesday evening, the servers of the company could not even cope with the crowds.

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‘Tens of thousands of bookings for haircuts and pedicures’


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