“Tera is new Giga”: Tesla recruits staff for German cell factory, is already looking for management

The future market for battery cells for electric cars is currently being served from China, South Korea and the USA – European manufacturers buy almost all cells from abroad. With the new Gigafactory near Berlin, however, that should change enormously, at least for Tesla, because CEO Elon Musk wants to build nothing less than the largest cell production facility in the world there. The necessary applications for this have not yet been submitted, but Tesla is already promoting a line for the giant German factory with a chic website and the slogan “Tera is the new Giga”.

Tesla boss wants 250 gigawatt hours

The US media first became aware of the new subpage this week. If you enter directly (there is no link on the homepage), you will be greeted by a fast video loop. On the one hand, it briefly shows workers and machines in production, and on the other hand, computer-generated the new sandwich structure with 4680 cells as reinforcement between two plates that Tesla had presented at the battery information day. “Join the Zell team”, one is also asked, “accelerate the transition to sustainable energy”.

Tesla CEO Musk said this week for the first time more precisely to what scale this should happen in Grünheide near Berlin. So far, there has only been work on the Gigafactory for Model Y. Without giving any dates, Musk said at an EU conference that Tesla also wanted to build what is probably the largest battery factory in the world at the location. He named 100 gigawatt hours per year as the initial target capacity, and later even 200-250 gigawatt hours.

The higher value corresponds roughly to the current capacity of all cell manufacturers worldwide, so it is ambitious – but not yet “tera” in the sense of the previous Tesla naming according to the produced (or processed) watt hours of cells per year. Nevertheless, the text on the new subpage begins with “Tera is the new Giga”. At Tesla, cars are built from scratch like factories, she explains. We are looking for personnel for the areas of development, production, materials, machines and operations, but everything for a “vertically integrated team”.

Battery application in “at most” weeks?

Pretty much everything will be new in Tesla’s own cell production, Musk said earlier this week. Even the entire system technology for this is only being developed with the support of many companies in Germany and other European countries. You can apply directly on the Zell page, and Tesla’s normal job pages also describe many battery positions in Berlin-Brandenburg.

According to a report by the Tagesspiegel, a line for cell production is already being sought. It should bring the world’s first plants, processes and products on a mass scale. According to the Ministry of the Environment, Tesla has not yet submitted an application for a battery factory next to the electric car building in Grünheide or elsewhere in Brandenburg, the newspaper writes – but it expects that “at most” weeks will pass before that changes.


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