Termination of car insurance: You should pay attention to this

What should you watch out for if you want to change car insurance at the end of the year to save money? We have compiled the most important points.

Every year again: At the end of the year, car owners can cancel their car insurance. This makes sense if you have found a cheaper insurance provider. In order for the change to work, you should also note a few points that the comparison portal Verivox has compiled.

First of all, the key date by which the termination of the previous car insurance must have been received by the insurance company must be observed. Because the motor vehicle insurance year ends on December 31st for most policyholders, the cancellation must have reached the insurer by November 30th. Because you can only cancel regularly and without additional reasons up to four weeks before the end of the insurance year.

It is not the postmark that is decisive for this date, but the date of receipt. To be on the safe side, you should send the cancellation in writing by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. Because registered mail is not always secure. Alternatively, you can also hand in the notice of termination at an office of the insurer. In this case, however, you must have the receipt of the letter of termination confirmed in writing.

You do not have to state any reasons for the termination in the termination letter. However, you must sign your cancellation. And of course, in addition to your address, also state the insurance number and the license plate number of your car. In addition, you must state which insurance you are specifically canceling, for example motor vehicle liability and/or comprehensive insurance, because these are independent contracts that can be canceled individually, as Verivox emphasizes,

And be sure to close the new one before that


– insurance contract. Not that you suddenly find yourself without comprehensive insurance. Because an insurer can also reject customers with comprehensive insurance. The case is different with liability, where there is a legal obligation to accept for the motor vehicle liability insurer.

Important: The new insurer takes over your no-claims class.

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