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Terracotta does something bad for your plants. But that’s how you prevent it!

Everyone has had them at home or at home: terracotta pots. But did you know that terracotta does something mean that isn’t really good for your plants? Fortunately, we have a handy trick to prevent it.

We will always love terracotta pots, no matter how old-fashioned they may be. It is precisely those warm earth tones that color beautifully with the green of the plants and give your home a retro touch.

But… there is something very important that you have to take into account with a terracotta plant pot.

Like a sponge

Terracotta is made from a very dry and porous type of pottery that absorbs water quickly. That is why it is very important to always first put a new terracotta pot in a layer of water so that it absorbs itself with water.

Why that is important? If you don’t do this and you then water your plant, the pottery will immediately absorb the water before the plant has been able to benefit from it. That is of course not the intention!

If you let the terracotta pot fill with water first, the water that you then give to your plant can then simply go to the plant because it needs it much more.


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