Tesla allegedly charged twice the price of a car to its customers

This is the news of the weekend: according to some accounts, Tesla has twice debited the account of buyers of a new car.

Always ahead of its time, Tesla is betting everything on the online sale of its cars. A significant advantage at a time of repeated confinements that close the doors of traditional concessions. But the procedure is not without surprises: some customers would have seen their purchase double invoiced! And it wouldn’t be just a bad April 1st joke like Deliveroo did.

This is the experience that Tom Slattery and a hundred other clients are currently experiencing, as CNBC reports. Contacted by the American editorial staff, some of them claim to have been charged twice the price of their car bought the day before on the Internet. A computer error, no doubt, but the story does not end there.

No deadlines announced for the reimbursement of sums

Tom Slattery explains that he has contacted the customer service of the Californian brand in order to obtain reimbursement of the sums overbought. Only, no one could give him a clear answer: “They told me to call my bank to cancel the payment. This is unacceptable. You take more than $ 50,000 and tell the customer to pay it off on their own? “.

And if this problem is quite recurrent according to e-commerce specialists, Tesla’s management seems to be singled out here. The client to continue: “It’s hard to imagine customer service worse than this. I was robbed of almost $ 53,000 from my account and absolutely no one called or emailed me. There is no rush to solve the problem ”.

If the customer’s bank assures that the reimbursement could take place within a range of between 10 and 45 days, the manufacturer has however given no guarantee to this future owner of Tesla Model Y. Also, the brand has refrained from delivering any additional information at CNBC.


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