Tesla boss Musk: Funny promotional video from Norwegian startup

How do you get yourself a billionaire? The bosses of the start-up Easee also asked themselves this question. The Norwegians are working on charging robots for electric cars and – as is usual with start-ups – are always on the lookout for new partners and financiers.
So it so happens that none other than electric car pioneer and multi-billionaire Elon Musk will be visiting the ONS energy conference in your neighborhood from August 29th. Now the Tesla boss would only have to drop by the company for a coffee in between …

But how do you get the attention of the busy jack-of-all-trades? The Norwegians rely on humor! Not a bad tactic for Musk, who has repeatedly shown his penchant for fun actions in the past.

In a cool video clip, the Easee team turns their Norwegian provincial town of Jørpeland into “Musk City”. There, of course, everyone drives a Tesla, and a statue of Musk adorns a city square. The residents blast Space X rockets into orbit, wear the Tesla boss as a tattoo on their shoulders and give their children nerdy alphabet salad names – like Elon Musk gave his youngest offspring.

In honor of Elon Musk, a statue of the Tesla boss in a central location would be just right.

In this tweet, the Norwegians ask when Musk will land his jet. A chair has already been reserved for him.

The Norwegians still have a few days to put their motto “One coffee to change the world” into action. By the time this article appeared, however, Musk hadn’t been heard from…

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