Tesla boss: Production of the new roadster begins in 2022 – should be “partly rocket”

Yes, the new Tesla Roadster is still there – you haven’t found it right at the top of the homepage for some time, but you can still find it in the menu on the right-hand side, which opens after clicking the button for it. Nevertheless, the electric super sports car is the “dessert” that will only come after Tesla has completed more urgent projects such as the construction of the new Gigafactory in Germany and the start of production for Cybertruck and Semi, as CEO Elon Musk said in May 2020. And now he confirmed that this will only be the case in the coming year – but said more clearly than before that the Tesla Roadster could in any case fly for a short time.

Three engines already at Model S Plaid

The two Musk statements about the date and flight ability fell on Twitter this week after Tesla announced the imminent start of deliveries for the Model S in a revised form with its quarterly report for the end of 2020. With the optional drive with three motors, which also bears the name Plaid, which was previously reserved for the roadster, the sedan comes dangerously close to the e-racer when it comes to acceleration. And after Tesla didn’t say a word about the new roadster in the Q4 report and only briefly mentioned it in the subsequent conference call, Musk was asked on Twitter what happened to it.

“The roadster is partly a rocket,” replied the Tesla boss to an initial question, which was followed by the question of whether that meant that he could fly. “A little,” was his answer. In any case, that sounded more definitive than Musk’s first statement about it in November 2017, shortly after the Roadster was introduced together with the Semi. At the time, he explained that the aforementioned acceleration to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds only applies to the basic model. Optionally there will be a model with rocket technology that “maybe” can fly for short jumps.

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Of course, that really sparked enthusiasm. A 3D artist on Twitter occasionally showed how the jumping ability of the Tesla Roadster could be used to escape the police in the future (see picture above). And Musk himself declared in June 2018 that this and the even better performance should be achieved with around ten cold gas engines from SpaceX. He later revealed that it was planned to hide one of these engines under the rear license plate “as with James Bond”.

All Tesla Roadsters with SpaceX technology?

How far these plans have come is unknown, but the Tesla boss also gave relatively clear information on the date for the roadster: “This year we will complete development, production will start next year,” he wrote on another Twitter Demand. The Plaid drive system with three motors now optionally used in the Model S and the work on more modern batteries were important prerequisites for this.

So 2022 should really be the year of the Tesla Roadster. And because the Model S Plaid only needs 1.99 seconds to 60 miles per hour and the Plaid + variant should be even faster from the end of this year, it is conceivable that the basic roadster might already have at least a little SpaceX technology for even better ones Gets values. The new rocket statement from Musk would also speak for this, because at least it did not explicitly refer only to the version with the extra package.


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