Tesla CEO has to wait for a store after SpaceX crashes: queues up, talks to fans

Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself can also face the problem that all the seats on the next Tesla supercharger are occupied – especially if he is just on the way back from a canceled historic start by his rocket company SpaceX, which has a lot of Musk on Wednesday – Lured fans like the boss themselves to Florida with their Teslas. Like many other Tesla drivers, he wanted to reload on the Supercharger in Palm Bay after the start cancellation due to bad weather. A queue formed there – but the Tesla boss did not reveal himself in order to get his turn earlier. Instead, he waited obediently for a seat for his Model X and, after being infected, talked to other loaders and waiting people.

Girlfriend brings mask to Tesla boss

This has now been reported by several social media users and published pictures of their surprising meeting with the Tesla boss. For example, the Twitter user @raf_fiol proudly made his report from the experience on the Supercharger to the start message of his account.

@Raf_fiol reports that he recognized Musk and congratulated him on the birth of his son. The Tesla boss thanked him, pointed to a white Model X and said the baby was also there. After a while, one of the wing doors of the electric car opened and Musk’s girlfriend Grimes got out. She put a mask in the hand of the Tesla CEO, which he put in, and was then quickly back in the car.

While the Tesla and SpaceX boss still wore a black mask when shooting from the start attempt, he actually did without it after loading after the break after several pictures. This is not a very successful social distancing, commented a Facebook user reports and photos of Musk’s bathroom in the crowd at the Supercharger. However, it can only be seen really close to two people, otherwise there is more distance. @Raf_fiol described the Tesla CEO as “super friendly” and he was interested in the discussions. Musk spent at least 15 minutes with his fans.

The two security guards, who can also be seen in a photo and kept an eye on the scene, kept an exemplary distance. According to the reports, they were traveling in a Tesla Model S together with Musk’s Model X with girlfriend and baby.


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