Tesla chaos days: too few parking spaces & offices and wifi too weak

Elon Musk had ordered his employees from home office back to the office. The employees obeyed – and the Tesla chaos days began.

Elon Musk has banned his employees from working from home: Elon Musk – Stop working from home or leave & threatened interns with being thrown out. So all Tesla employees now have to go back to their office jobs. But now Tesla is realizing that the workplaces in the offices are not sufficient at all. The US media reports.

When the Tesla employees, ordered back to the offices by Musk, arrived at the Fremont factory, they initially found too few parking spaces. The number of desks and chairs in the building was not sufficient. On top of that, the WLAN network is too weak at a number of workplaces. As a result, some of the lucky ones who found desk jobs were still unable to work. Because they were offline.

The reasons

The reason for the chaos: Tesla has doubled its workforce since 2019. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated move to the home office, the infrastructure in the Fremont branch did not grow with the number of employees.

Tesla had also used part of the offices for other purposes during the pandemic and so this capacity is now missing. In addition, Tesla apparently made no provisions for the growing number of employees. That’s why some managers sent their employees back to the home office – from which Elon Musk had chased them in the first place.

In total, Tesla should currently employ 99,210 people, around a third of whom are employees.

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