Tesla competitor Nikola celebrates groundbreaking for factory – no trace of construction work later

After a brilliant first week of trading on the stock exchange in early June, Nikola Corporation’s stock, which is not only based on Tesla’s name, has now fallen back to around $ 30. To the displeasure of many Tesla fans, Nikola founder Trevor Milton had previously drawn attention to the company and the stock by announcing a hydrogen truck with a greater range than the Tesla Semi and a pickup with a fuel cell. Last week Nikola even broke ground for his truck factory in Arizona, USA. But a few days later, a Twitter user wanted to update there – and there was no sign of any construction work.

Tesla fans look closely

As a “leading global transport company for zero emissions and infrastructure solutions”, the realization of the Coolidge factory has just come a step closer, Nikola said last Wednesday. Because on the same day, an “official groundbreaking ceremony” took place on the premises. In addition, published pictures show a stage with a huge screen, set up in a tent with the Nikola logo. Founders Milton and CEO Mark Russell are featured in speeches. You and all guests wear mouth and nose protection. In one photo, the two men and two other shovels are in hand, which they prick into the brown soil, in the background there is a large roller on another.

Critical Tesla fans on Twitter had previously found out that Nikola had not yet submitted a building application for his Arizona factory. Founder Milton wanted to wipe that away, but maybe that’s why the press release on the event did not speak of a groundbreaking ceremony and the start of construction, but only of the “official celebration”. Another Tesla Twitterer mentioned that the small print risk notes at the end of the message are longer than the actual text, although it seems to have been wrong.

But the result of a visit by @jessica_kirsh, which according to her Twitter profile loves the projects of Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk, was clear. In short form on Twitter and longer on YouTube, she published a video of her trip to the address of the Nikola property on Tuesday. It is quite remote, she reports on the way there, but because she came close, she made the detour – not in a Tesla, by the way.

Unlike at Tesla-Gigafactory

For minutes, the Twitter reporter drives through empty landscapes, but, as she notes, there are electricity pylons on the streets – “good for an electric car factory”. At the actual destination, however, there is no such infrastructure to be seen, and nothing else, apart from two short rows of low wooden posts that could still have come from the celebration. A few meters behind, @jessica_kirsh even finds two rectangular piles of earth that look similar to those in the Nikola photos from last week. On the other hand, there is no trace of construction or other machines and workers.

Nikola founder Milton likes to line up with Tesla boss Elon Musk in terms of mission and skills, but his fans do not relieve him of either. In any case, the current video should not have made him more credible. After all, Musk does it very differently: There was no official groundbreaking ceremony at the Gigafactory in Germany. Instead, at the end of May, several excavators began to work on the ground for Tesla, as soon as the Brandenburg state government had given Tesla the necessary pre-approval for the first foundations.


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