Tesla confirms revision of bestseller Model 3: All the news at a glance

As expected by observers and still surprising in some aspects, Tesla has made some changes to its volume electric car Model 3 worldwide. After initially only fans had discovered the innovations in the configurator, Tesla confirmed on Friday afternoon at the request of that the Model 3 had changed and sent a list of them. This reveals, among other things, that the smallest Tesla now partly has a heat pump like the Model Y before, which enables a greater range.

Small practical innovations

In detail, the innovations concern the appearance as well as small and large technical points. As first discovered in China, the earlier chrome bezels around the door handles, windows and side cameras on the Model 3 are now black. The rims in the standard sizes of 18 inches and 19 inches have also been revised, according to Tesla, the 20-inch version for the Model 3 Performance is now more dynamic and is called the overturbine. In addition, all variants got more efficient tires and an electric tailgate.

Inside, Tesla has, as already reported, replaced the glossy black center console with a matt one. It also got a different locking mechanism and firmly contains two wireless charging pads for telephones. The seat adjustment levers now have a graphite look, the scroll wheels in the steering wheel have a metal look, and the sun visors are held in place by magnets.

Not a huge change either, but practical: An additional USB port is now in the glove compartment, which has recently been secured with a pin. This means that the memory stick for recordings of the Tesla guard can be accommodated when parking so that car intruders cannot take it with them.

Heat pump for (some) Tesla Model 3

The most important technical change had also been expected in part, but not yet certain on Friday – contradicting statements came from the service centers: The Model 3 now, like the Model Y, has a heat pump that enables more efficient air conditioning. According to Tesla, this only applies to one of the currently three variants, namely the middle one with the large battery and normal all-wheel drive (LR AWD). However, the performance version also has both, so it could also be meant.

In any case, the range has increased for all three Model 3s. For the AWD and the Performance version, Tesla confirmed this in its list – they now travel 580 kilometers instead of 560 kilometers and 567 kilometers instead of 530 kilometers. But the information about the Model 3 SR + on the Tesla website has also changed, here with an increase from 409 kilometers to 430 kilometers. Also not mentioned by Tesla, but can be found on the website: Model 3 now accelerate faster, the performance variant, for example, within 3.3 seconds from 0-100 kilometers per hour.

Interestingly, Tesla has apparently designed the refresh of the Model 3 in such a way that it applies to all open orders: Several buyers also reported in a German forum that they had received a message about changes to their configuration with the new information. And immediately available new Model 3, which might still be the previous version, were not to be found on Friday evening, at least on the German and US sites of Tesla.


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