Tesla cuts prices in the US: Model 3 now from $ 37,990, Model Y from $ 39,900

Tesla continues to own the US market for electric cars almost alone – market researchers indicate the share of sales in the past year at around 79 percent. Nevertheless, the company continues on the offensive in its home country: On Thursday night, the prices for the entry-level versions of the two volume models Model 3 and Model Y were reduced, as can be seen on the Tesla website. The Model 3 is now available from $ 36,990, the price of the Model Y in the smallest version fell slightly more to $ 39,900.

German Tesla prices unchanged

An observer from Japan also reported a price reduction for the Model 3, which averaged 20 percent and, unlike in the USA, also affects the variant with a larger battery (long range). In Germany, however, prices initially remained unchanged. However, Tesla had already reduced it noticeably in January, most notably in the basic version Model 3 Standard Plus, which has since been available from 39,900 euros (the manufacturer’s share of the German electric car purchase bonus has already been deducted).

In the USA, the price reduction for Model Y was greater than for Model 3: It was $ 2,000 instead of $ 1,000, but in both cases only for the basic version. The prices for both electric cars in the medium long range variant remained unchanged at $ 46,990 and $ 49,900, respectively, reports the blog Electrek. Tesla now even wants a little more for the performance models: Model 3 costs from $ 55,990, Model Y from $ 60,990, each $ 1,000 more than before.

Step surprised at Model Y.

Above all, the greater price reduction for the Model Y Standard Range (the name differs slightly from that of the Model 3) comes as a surprise. Because Tesla only introduced this variant with a smaller battery and rear-wheel drive for its electric crossover at the beginning of this year. It is not even visible on the German websites, and the prices for the Model Y have not changed there either.


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