Tesla Cybertruck is already imagined with a camping cell

The Tesla Cybertruck offers new perspectives with its generous tipper. He could make fat cabbages from cell preparers.

If the loading space of the pick-ups is perfectly suited to certain professional needs, they can also receive cells for adventurers looking for large spaces. While waiting for its release, the Tesla Cybertruck has been imagined with similar equipment.

It was the illustrator Joeguy07 of the specialized forum Cybertruckownersclub who proposed this idea, which could very quickly become a reality with the arrival of the Tesla pickup. Like other similar preparations, the Tesla Cybertruck could therefore receive a cell, offering everything necessary for the bivouac.

Cybertruck for a night under the stars… and under SpaceX satellites

Like the cyber-life already imagined to go with the Cybertruck, the cell would take the same stylistic orientations, with lines drawn with the ruler and the protractor. This absence of curves would optimize the interior layout.

No company has yet commented on such equipment. However, Tesla will no doubt officially offer everything necessary for camping, with a flexible tent to be attached to the Cybertruck. Enough to give interest to the Camper Mode which maintains the air flow, the temperature, the lighting or the music during the night, provided you have sufficient charge.


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