Tesla Cybertruck on trial at Jay Leno with Elon Musk

In a future show on the American channel CNBC, Elon Musk will appear in the Tesla Cybertruck with Jay Leno behind the wheel. First extract!

Still in prototype form, the Tesla electric pickup will make its first television appearance in the United States. Cybertruck rolled on the CNBC channel in Jay Leno’s car show with Elon Musk who took on the role of co-pilot.

Cybertruck or “the technology of the apocalypse”

In the short excerpt from the next show, the star presenter asks how close the Cybertruck is to production. “We always wanted the production version to be better than the show car” admits Elon Musk. “I’ve always found it crazy that the manufacturers come up with a concept that looks super stylish and that the production version is much worse”.

But what is concrete about the future production version of the electric pickup? “The proportions will be very close, we are 5% too big so you have to reduce everything by 5%” specifies the boss of Tesla, “So it will fit in a normal garage”.

Tesla boss also announces changes in “Lots of details”, and especially in terms of visibility, because “It is very complicated, especially since the glazing is very inclined”. Still on the glazing, the glass will be a “Armored glass” ((armored glass) and the stainless steel body “Bulletproof”. To this, Jay Leno asks why it is important? “Because it tears up, it’s very cool” Musk reacts before joking “We want to be the leader of the apocalypse technology”.

In conclusion, Jay Leno and Elon Musk take the Tesla Cybertruck through the Boring Company tunnel. It is unknown if the imposing pickup has returned. The sequence will be available in the Jay Leno’s Garage show, which will air on Wednesday May 27 across the Atlantic, so Thursday morning for us.

In the meantime, here is our video review to find out everything about this totally delusional pickup.


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