Tesla delivers Model X Plaid with different tires

This is probably not how the American Ethan Joseph imagined his new Tesla: He had to return his Model X Plaid due to various quality issues, including the fact that the car was delivered on different tires! on Twitter the disappointed Tesla customer documented the defects in early March 2022.

Summer tires at the front, all-season tires at the rear

When it was delivered, the front of the new car stood up as desired Michelin altitude Sport 3 summer tires in size 255/45R20. However, the view of the rear axle should have more than amazed Joseph. Here the all-season tires Continental CrossContact LX Sport were mounted in 275/45R20.
Far from the fact that two different tires per axle would probably be unacceptable for every new car, the Model X Plaid is also a vehicle with 1034 hp. The two pairs of tires with their different rubber compounds, treads and designs for different seasons can easily become a safety risk. In addition, one must not forget the price range in which we are moving here: the SUV with gullwing doors was last priced at 116,990 euros in the German configurator!
After Ethan Joseph complained about the different tires from the manufacturer, Tesla suggested, according to Motor Trend, that the all-season tires be exchanged for the right summer tires later. These are currently not available. But because that wasn’t the only defect in the vehicle, Joseph turned down the offer. His brand new Model X also had some quirks inside and out, and the interior was pretty dirty. He let it go back. He should finally get his electric SUV by July 2022 at the latest – then hopefully in the condition you would expect from a new car.

Other Tesla customers even got different tires per side

Apparently this is not an isolated case, Tesla owners who have had their car delivered with different tires keep reporting in the Reddit forum. In some cases, they even differ per axle: summer tires are fitted on the driver’s side and all-season tires on the passenger’s side, such as on this Model Y. Some users jokingly assume that Tesla does not currently have a chip shortage, but a tire shortage.

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