Tesla delivers thousands more cars than expected

Analysts expected the electric car maker to deliver about 221,000 cars in the third quarter. So there were more than 9 percent more.

That is surprising, because other automakers suffer a lot from chip shortages. For example, Daimler-Benz, the group behind Mercedes, recently had to significantly lower its turnover forecast due to a shortage of chips.

Nevertheless, there were problems for Tesla. In the press release, it thanks customers for their patience, as it says it faces “challenges in the field of the global supply chain and logistics”.

‘Delivery logistics hell’

In mid-August, it appeared that some Tesla customers had to wait longer for their car. Tesla had previously suffered from the ‘delivery logistics hell’. Before that, Elon Musk, the big man behind Tesla, already spoke about the ‘production hell’.

Tesla was one of the companies that had to temporarily stop production in the Chinese factory at the end of September due to a shortage of electricity.

Tesla produced a total of 237,823 cars from July to September. It was almost all about Models 3 and Models Y. Those are the latest models.

Especially Models 3 and Model Y

Model 3 is the cheapest model and the most supplied model of Tesla in the Netherlands. Less than 9,000 Model S and Model X cars were made in the third quarter.

The difference between the number of cars produced and the number of cars delivered to customers is due to the fact that some paperwork still needs to be arranged, so that sometimes cars have been produced but not yet delivered.

Tesla does not specify what the results are. That will only be known on October 27 when the full quarterly figures are published.

The group also does not disclose in which countries the largest numbers of cars are sold, but the US and China are the main markets for Tesla. It now has factories there. A new factory is now being built in Germany. There is also a factory under construction in the US in Texas.

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